Android True Octa-Core 4G core board product custom development program
Android True Octa-Core 4G core board product custom development program
June 1, 2020
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June 1, 2020

Smart Vehicle Refrigerator Solution Based on MCU Platform


With the rise of various self-driving activities, car owners have begun to develop a strong interest in car-car accessories such as car refrigerators. The car refrigerator can help you drink cold beverages in the car during traffic jams.

   Working principle of car refrigerator solution

Semiconductor car refrigerators use semiconductor electronic devices to achieve cooling or heating. Its working principle is to use DC current through the semiconductor cooling chip PN. The galvanic couple has energy conversion characteristics, one end absorbs heat, and the other end emits heat. During manufacturing, the end that absorbs heat is close to the refrigeration box, and the other end is connected to a heat dissipation module. The effect is improved by a cooling fan. As long as the positive and negative poles of the direct current connected to the cooling chip PN are changed during use, the conversion between cooling and heating can be realized.
In this solution, where is the intelligence of the smart car refrigerator?

There is no doubt that intelligence has become the mainstream direction of market development, as is the case with in-vehicle electronic products. It seems that it cannot be sold without being connected with intelligence, but what is intelligence? Perhaps this car refrigerator can tell you. The intelligent car refrigerator developed by Yousoft Zhongchuang adopts the SECOP compressor imported from Germany. It has a unique cooling mode design and provides multiple cooling modes for users to choose. Different food materials can choose different cooling modes to make fresh keeping more intelligent and long-lasting.
At the same time through Bluetooth technology support and mobile phone interconnection, whether in the car or outside the car, not only can use the mobile phone APP to monitor the temperature in the box in real time, remote on / off, but also intelligently record historical data. The operation is controlled at will, and it is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and silent, providing a comfortable and quiet driving experience for passengers in the car.

Main Functional characteristics of smart car refrigerator solutions:

Stable performance, anti-vibration and anti-tilt, can run at a maximum 45-degree angle;
The digital touch button controls the temperature, displays the temperature change in time, and can be adjusted freely. High-precision computer temperature control system, under the environment temperature of -15 ℃ -45 ℃, it can still maintain the accurate stability of the internal temperature of the cabinet ± 1 ℃, and there are LED lights to prompt when abnormal conditions occur;

Choose different adapters can easily achieve dual-use car;
Functional characteristics of smart car refrigerator solutions:
Power protection function: The product has a built-in battery protection module to ensure that the car battery always has enough power to start;

Environmental protection design: Adopting international advanced refrigerant technology and anaerobic insulation design, leading environmental standards for refrigeration and insulation;

Has good high temperature and low temperature characteristics, can be used in an environment of -10 ℃ -55 ℃, the maximum relative humidity of air is 90%;

Extendable functions to realize the integration of refrigerator + air purifier.
The main types of car refrigerators in this solution:

Compressor car refrigerator: car refrigerator car refrigerator compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerator, the refrigeration temperature is low, -18 degrees 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency and large volume are the mainstream development direction of car refrigerators in the future;

Compressor-cooled car refrigerators have the advantages of low refrigeration temperature, fast speed, and temperature adjustment at any time. The disadvantage is that the price is higher, and the refrigeration can not be continued without the car power supply. Moreover, it has a large volume and is not convenient to carry.

Rechargeable on-board refrigerator: The so-called “rechargeable on-board refrigerator” means that the energy supply can use both household 220V AC power and 12V DC power, or it can continue to work through its own power storage function without power.

The working principle of the car refrigerator is to rely on electronic chip cooling, using a PN junction formed by special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, which produces a Peltier effect, that is, a new type of cooling method by DC cooling. The cooling temperature range is 5 to 65 degrees; The working principle of the compressor car refrigerator is mainly to achieve the cooling effect through the operation of the compressor. The compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator. The cooling temperature is low, -18 degrees and 10 degrees. Refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice, keep fresh, and has a large volume, which is the mainstream of the future development of car refrigerators.

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