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Smart charging pile development plan Solution
June 1, 2020
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June 5, 2020

Smart Vehicle-mounted coffee machine solution


The cost of intelligent product development is relatively high, because product development is a process of how to solve problems constantly, and testing also takes time. As for the specific cost, it depends on the specific development plan. For today’s busy office workers, ensuring adequate sleep on weekdays can be a luxury, so many people like to drink a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning to cheer up their work life.

Functional characteristics of smart car coffee machine solutions

The realization method of the smart car coffee machine is that the user can use the simple and clear APP interface to carry out a variety of control modes through the smart phone terminal. The user can use the remote control to monitor and operate the coffee machine no matter when and where.

Smart car coffee machine has built-in wifi function, which will completely replace the traditional timed coffee machine in the future, and bring unprecedented coffee experience to users through the fast and professional smart production method of mobile APP.

Program setting, most car coffee machines have cup volume control, temperature control, pre-grinding function, coffee bean dosage adjustment, preset function, etc.

Digital intelligent control Some car coffee machines use digital intelligent control. Its LCD screen can display the working status at any time. The digital display will tell you what it is ready to do or what it is doing, and what you need to do. It is very easy to operate. simple.

Cleaning function, the parts of the car coffee machine can be detached. After use, you can easily remove the detachable parts for cleaning, and the coffee that cannot be disassembled can be cleaned by yourself.

Heating system. The on-board coffee machine uses a thermal resistance plate and a heating unit for heating. It usually takes 43 seconds to complete the process from flushing to temperature to heating temperature. Some fully automatic on-board coffee machines have two heating systems. Its advantage is that it can reduce your waiting time.
Positioning of smart car coffee machine solutions

  1. Use object positioning: car lovers
  1. Using functional positioning: able to brew latte, espresso, cappuccino and mocha.
  1. Product styling positioning: It adopts styling that can make the applicable objects more preferred and integrates into a part of the car, which is not only fashionable but also saves space.
  1. Data positioning: thermosetting plastic.
  1. Color positioning: no more than two hues, the color is relatively soft.
  1. Use environment positioning: mainly applicable to long-distance travel, but also applicable to airplanes and trains.
  1. Use condition positioning: use car power supply, you can also bring your own battery, you can manually open the file to open.

Market prospects of smart car coffee machine solutions

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, bringing joy and excitement to people. With the reform and opening of our country, the most popular Italian espresso coffee, cappuccino and latte milk coffee are more and more popular in the world. The on-board coffee machine is designed to allow people on the road to enjoy fresh coffee. Of course, the refreshing effect of coffee can also relieve the fatigue of driving for a long time. Obviously, the smart coffee machine based on the Internet of Things technology greatly improves the user experience and adds a bright spot to the smart car coffee machine.

Coffee consumption is huge, annual sales have exceeded 20 billion, and the annual growth rate is more than 30%. The quality of life in China is getting higher and higher. Many people are beginning to enjoy life while pursuing quality of life. The coffee machine will therefore be favored. If the entire coffee making process is completed with one click, making coffee making becomes so simple; then the coffee machine will go to the families of ordinary people. China has such a large population base, and the coffee machine will have unlimited market prospects.

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