Intelligent body temperature detection system solution
Intelligent body temperature detection system solution
June 1, 2020
Smart charging pile development plan Solution
Smart charging pile development plan Solution
June 1, 2020

Smart Helmet Solution


The smart helmet is a high-tech integrated product integrating wireless communication technology, imaging system, image transmission system, voice intelligence, unit recording function and so on. It can realize remote video real-time browsing, two-way voice intercom, command and dispatch, real-time positioning trajectory, on-site high-definition picture capture upload, video retrieval playback. High stability, high security, simple product design and operation, easy to use, small size, lightweight, the wearer can turn on the camera power switch to make video calls.

Structure and characteristics

Built-in 4g high-speed communication chip, supporting high-speed Internet access, real-time data transmission, including real-time 4G network wireless video and intercom.

Run the Android system, compatible with most software development for the Android platform, support and integrate third-party APP, to meet the special needs of more customers.

Built-in high-definition camera, support automatic video recording and automatic recording at boot, support one-click camera, one-button boot video. Support high-definition video, audio, lighting, photography, built-in GPS, WiFi and 4G high-speed network transmission, real-time video surveillance site.

LED lights can be used for auxiliary lighting at night.
Support voice intercom function.
Support dual-channel storage, one-channel video local storage, one-channel data network real-time backhaul real-time remote monitoring and server backup.

Realize the functions of remote monitoring, remote dispatching, remote commanding, and remote assistance of outdoor mobile workers.

The mobile app of the mobile phone realizes the functions of real-time video preview and basic parameter setting such as multi-resolution and frame number.

Smart helmet
Product model: Smart helmet :
Product features: One-click audio and video recording, video image transmission, lighting, two-way voice intercom, GPS positioning, dual storage, face recognition

Product parameters:

Recording time is greater than 7 hours per charge
Memory card comes standard with 32g
HD lens 4K resolution 120 degree wide angle
Lithium battery voltage capacity 12V / 2800mahX3 in series

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