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MIV Solutions is a high-tech company that specialized in the manufacturing of Smart hardware products, including small and medium power supply items and cable products. We follow “keep focused and stay pragmatic” as our philosophy, and strongly persist in the “spirit of craftsman.” All resources are centralized to produce elaborate, specialized, and fine products in the industry of hardware development and power supply.

MIV Solutions initiated its venture in March 2005 as an IT company to provide its users with smart hardware products development. MIV solutions strive to provide its clients with cost-effective and quality services for hardware development and implementation. We are aware that each organization works with a different set of agenda and has distinct operations. Hence, we provide customized and automated solutions at a platform for e-commerce and trade industries.

MIV solutions rely on the principle of being customer-oriented. We have the culture of entailing, “focusing on practicability and management innovation along with product excellence. It is our aim to provide customers for affordable prices and reliable services, only by which we can make ourselves stand out from our competitors in the competitive market, manufacture valuable hardware products for our clients and obtain a bright future.

Smart Hardware Products Manufacturer

We have been delivering the most reliable smart hardware products with advanced features from the most innovative minds among us. We are always on the front foot of exploring IoT applications ever since the day we have established our organization.

Our smart hardware products category includes IoT, smart sensors, embedded devices, industrial app, and motor control. Related services that we offer to our clients include medical hardware solutions, M2M solutions, smart vehicle solutions, smart wear solutions, and hardware ID MD design solutions.

Our basic aim is to offer our customers with hardware services that are customized to match their business scenarios and requirements. MIV solutions are also global products and solution providers. We emphasize on the quality that is focal these days. Therefore, we have expert workers that progress at a rapid pace.

We focus on investing in our expertise within each smart hardware product we provide to our clients to ensure high-quality and maximum client utility.

  1. Product Introduction

The i4 mini acceleration sensor iBeacon is signal white and can be used with various decoration styles. The limit distance of this product can reach 80 meters, which can reduce deployment costs. It uses

a battery (1000mAH) to support WeChat shake access. The logo can be printed or glued in the middle.

  1. Product features

Compact appearance

Use CR2477 battery (1000mAH)

Support WeChat shake access

Add ultra-low power consumption, high performance, 3-axis linear acceleration sensor (LIS2DHTR)

Built-in temperature sensor

Selectable G value range of the sensor: ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g, ± 16g

Output data frequency of acceleration sensor: 1 Hz-5.3kHz

The sensor has “sleep-wake up” and “return to sleep” functions

There are two independent programmable interrupt entrances that can be used to monitor free fall and attitude detection

  1. Scope of application

The sensor beacon can cooperate with the mobile phone APP to display direction, motion activation, motion step counting, mobile monitoring, swing control, etc .; offline customer advertising, coupon promotion

precision marketing; indoor positioning in large public places such as shopping malls and airports; tourist attractions and museums Online explanation; exhibition, forum, office check-in; location-based real-

message push, such as live information, meeting process sharing, etc .; concerts, large-scale events and other audience interaction.

  1. Product physical characteristics


Model I4
Enclosure material PC
Color of enclosure White or customized
Size Ø 37×16.5mm
Weight 21g(Battery included)
Voltage  3.7V
Power CR2477
Install method Double adhesive tapes


5.Technical parameters :



Communication method BLE 4.0
Broadcast Power -30~4 dBm,Default 0dBm
Broadcast Frequency 100ms~10s,Default 500ms
Transmission Distance 80m
Safety level Passcode needed support
Devices compatible iOS 7.0 above,Android/IOS 4.3 and above


  1. LIS2DHTR Sensor Specs details



Working Voltage 1.71 V – 3.6 V
Lowest Power Consumption 2uA
Data output interface I2C/SPI
Wake up Function Yes
Accelerate range ±2g、±4g、±8g、±16g
Band Width 1Hz ~ 5.3kHz
Working temperature -40℃~ +85℃
Package of Sensor SMD,2.0*2.0*1.0mm,14-pin,LGA


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