Smart Vehicle Refrigerator Solution Based on MCU Platform
June 1, 2020
Intelligent body temperature detection system solution
Intelligent body temperature detection system solution
June 1, 2020

Intelligent GPS Tracker Locator Solution


I believe that most consumer friends will think that a smart locator is a product in the professional field. It seems that it has little to do with our general public, but it is not. With the rapid development of GPS products in the past two years, smart locators have gradually appeared around our lives. It has a very wide range of applications, such as controlling the whereabouts of children and the elderly. Next is like road inspection, valuable cargo tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, freight industry, car theft, bicycle theft, electric vehicle theft, motorcycle theft, bank transportation Banknote vehicles, military and police exercise control, inspection and tracking, enterprise group management and official vehicle management, etc., almost cover everything around our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to buy an intelligent locator.

  1. Introduction of GPS tracker Solution

An intelligent locator is a device with a GPS chip installed inside, which has the function of positioning at any time. It is mainly a positioning device based on GPS, GSM, GPRS technology. Through GPS and LBS two positioning technologies, it can accurately know the specific location of the positioning object in a short time. Application areas: positioning, anti-theft.

The volume of the host is only the size of a matchbox, external wired headphones, and built-in high-capacity lithium battery. When it is put in a pocket or leather bag, it can be located in the whole country, and it can be positioned in a single time, and the target management of the positioned is tracked in real-time.

The computer platform GIS software can record the walking path of the target in three months. Print the Chinese address report for record attendance.

The manager can dial the card number in the host at any time to talk with the person being located. The host can receive any incoming calls (didi call prompt). If the headset is not connected, the manager directly enters the monitoring state after receiving the number. The built-in dual antennas receive the voice clearly Strong anti-interference ability.

2, the advantages of smart locator solutions
An intelligent locator is suitable for child positioning, elderly positioning, personal positioning, pet positioning, car tracking positioning, anti-lost positioning of outgoing luggage items. The mini-compact, stylish atmosphere has won the favor of our customers. It is small and exquisite, and it is more like an ornament.

  1. Real-time location tracking: Real-time location of the terminal device through the platform or mobile phone, you can check the location of your family at any time.
  1. Emergency trigger alarm: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to immediately send an alarm to the guardian.
  1. Remote listening: Listen to the sound of family members around the phone anytime, anywhere, and understand his real-time dynamics.

4.Electronic fence alarm: You can adjust the electronic fence by downloading the APP through your mobile phone. If it exceeds the electronic fence (such as 5 meters), it will automatically alarm and other functions.

  1. Function introduction of intelligent positioner solution

The smart locator is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and mobile communication module. It is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network), which can be realized on a computer or Check the location of the terminal on the phone.

  1. Connection reminder, intelligent alarm

When the mobile phone is connected to the locator, the mobile phone will give a sound reminder, it is easier to find things, and the distance exceeds the set safe distance, the mobile phone, and the alarm will alarm at the same time;

  1. Two-way anti-lost, one-button call for help

The relative position between the mobile phone and the locator exceeds the warning range, and the police will be alerted immediately. At the same time, you can also use the mobile phone to find items, and you can also find the mobile phone through the items. In addition, when the child is in danger, call the SOS emergency help button with one touch, and long-press to send an alarm message to facilitate timely measures.

  1. Real-time positioning, trajectory tracking

Using GPS, Beidou and other methods for positioning, built-in U-BLO positioning chip, you can query the position of children, the elderly, and items in real-time, you can arbitrarily query the trajectory of the locator within a week, where you have been every day, and know everything;

Intelligent locator, delineate the safe area you want to set on the map with the device as the center. When the safe area is exceeded, it will automatically remind attention. When the child walks on a strange road or stays for a long time, the APP will push the reminder to prevent it from happening.

Fourth, the smart locator APP development

Nowadays, positioning technology has become more and more advanced. Compared with traditional positioning technology, the current direction is diversification. The smart locator APP development integrates a variety of positioning technologies, which can adapt to a variety of complex scenarios and perform fast and accurate positioning. Whether it is track recording or voice and video calls, it can also be performed online, and it is very convenient to find missing people and objects.

Intelligent locator APP development features

  1. Various positioning technologies: including GPS positioning, LBS positioning, WIFI positioning, motion detection positioning, Bluetooth positioning, etc., can adapt to various complex scenes, fast and accurate positioning, and can also use network detection for environmental detection.
  1. Track record: Users can record the activity track online and view the activity tracking.
  1. Track sharing: Travel to synchronize their own activity track, and share the track to their relatives and friends to let them understand their scope.
  1. Voice and video calls: Online support for voice and video calls, keep in touch with your friends and family at any time to ensure the safety of travel.
  1. Emergency help: When you go out and encounter danger, you can make emergency help with one click. The location and the time for issuing help will be sent to the command center to facilitate the command center’s handling.
  2. Find the lost property: Whether it is a person or an item, you can post an announcement online and quickly retrieve it.
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