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June 1, 2020
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June 1, 2020

Intelligent body temperature detection system solution


Since the new coronavirus, its extremely strong ability to spread has led to a large number of people infected with the new coronavirus pneumonia across the country, and the country has launched a public health first-level response. The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. In order to stop the virus infection and find suspected patients in time, strict control measures have been issued all over the country, requiring personnel isolation and body temperature screening, especially in some specific places (such as schools, institutions, communities) Etc.) Identity verification and body temperature measurement are required to achieve a correlation between people and temperature. With the approaching of the work-recovery wave and the study-recovery wave, the solution of the intelligent body temperature detection system was launched.

  1. table of Contents
  2. Introduction of intelligent body temperature detection system
  3. Second, the advantages of intelligent body temperature detection system
  4. Three, intelligent body temperature detection system program function
  5. Fourth, the intelligent body temperature detection system program features
  6. Five, intelligent body temperature detection system program composition
  7. Six, the technical framework of intelligent body temperature detection system
  8. Working Principle of Intelligent Body Temperature Monitoring System
  9. Text
  10. Introduction of intelligent body temperature detection system
  11. Intelligent body temperature detection system can carry out large-scale detection when an epidemic occurs, and quickly find out people with higher body temperature, which can effectively control the spread and spread of the epidemic. The system is simple and convenient to operate, can set the alarm temperature range, realize multi-point alarm and tracking, ensure that the target is not missed, and also avoid the interference of other high-temperature objects. Infrared and visible video images are transmitted to the monitoring center for analysis and processing in real time. Concealed design, intelligent operation, always protect the safety of the crowd. At present, the commonly used temperature detection is still manual detection and manual input into the HIS system, which greatly increases the workload of nurses and errors caused by manual operations. Our products will replace mercury mercury thermometers and create a new, more convenient, comfortable and safer because they have much higher accuracy, accuracy and intelligence than other mercury-free body temperature measuring devices (such as infrared, electronic thermometers, etc.) Intelligent electronic temperature measurement method.
  12. Second, the advantages of intelligent body temperature detection system
  13. The problem of traffic efficiency in dense places. The temperature measurement time of the thermometer is less than 1 second, which will not cause congestion.
  14. Solve the problem of large workload of staff.
  15. Avoid staff from contacting suspected patients and reduce the risk of staff infection.
  16. High product quality and low risk of misdetection and missed inspection.
  17. Wireless remote data transmission, real-time display of data, and transparency of information.
  18. Can be equipped with outdoor large-screen data display screen, which can realize the participation of all people in supervision.
  19. The data is stored flexibly, the historical curve is analyzed at any time, and big data monitoring and management are achieved.
  20. Three, intelligent body temperature detection system program function
  21. Video monitoring: access to the visible light video of the front-end infrared camera to realize the functions of real-time video viewing, historical video review and snapshot image browsing.
  22. Precise temperature measurement and multi-point screening: precise single-point & multi-point high-temperature intelligent tracking alarm, quickly find out more than tracking hot people, automatic alarm, integrated infrared and visible light, excellent monitoring effect.
  23. Mask monitoring: build a mask wearing detection algorithm based on neural network, use infrared thermal imaging cameras to collect video images of field personnel, and use deep learning algorithms to detect mask wearing, the system will send out warning information in real time, and synchronously push the warning message to the supervision / security Personnel to deal with.
  24. Face recognition: For facial portraits of people who are not wearing masks, use the epidemic prevention and control platform for face recognition, lock personnel information, and carry out precise control.
  25. Epidemic early warning: use the epidemic early warning function of the epidemic prevention and control platform to push real-time monitoring of abnormal body temperature on the scene, without wearing a mask to the scene, remote monitoring center and mobile phone client of the supervisory personnel for timely detection and disposal .
  26. Trend analysis: build a picture-oriented application for epidemic situation, carry out statistical analysis of the epidemic situation, present multi-dimensional and multi-level portraits of epidemic prevention in office places and communities, and assist epidemic prevention decision-making.
  27. Fourth, the intelligent body temperature detection system program features
  28. Synchronization of body temperature data and video images: Supports the simultaneous transmission of data and live video to the platform, and the video and body temperature data can be displayed on the same interface on the client side at the same time.
  29. Small maintenance: automatic data protection, automatic fault repair and alarm, greatly reducing manual maintenance.
  30. Fast response: 10 seconds of data upload frequency. Able to show more time details. The detected data reflects that after the anomaly occurs, the minute-level monitoring data can be located when the anomaly begins.
  31. 4, 365 days and 24 hours real-time online monitoring.
  32. On-site visual management, can connect multiple temperature monitoring points and remotely transmit to the large display screen.
  33. The alarm management is set, and abnormal data can be sent to the SMS, timely warning, and improve the effectiveness of real-time monitoring.
  34. Support real-time display data such as LED outdoor display. (Outdoor display can be customized according to customer needs)
  35. Realize the storage management of data, display the data graphics, curve analysis, over-alarm alarm statistics, abnormal handling tracking, etc., to provide accurate data decision basis for relevant regulatory authorities.
  36. Support multiple communication methods: Ethernet communication, optional 4G network.
  37. Support three levels of authority division.
  38. Five, intelligent body temperature detection system program composition
  39. This system is mainly composed of front-end data acquisition system, transmission network, background data processing and information monitoring and management platform.
  40. Front-end data acquisition system
  41. The Front-end data acquisition system is mainly responsible for on-site image acquisition, temperature data acquisition, video storage and network transmission. It mainly includes high-definition thermal imaging cameras, high-definition network cameras, and high-precision door frame-type infrared body temperature detectors installed in various areas, which are used to monitor body temperature data collection and security precautions in each installation area, to meet the on-site monitoring visualization and historical data Requirements.
  42. Transmission network
  43. The monitoring point can be transmitted in two ways: wireless transmission and wired transmission.
  44. Monitoring platform
  45. The monitoring platform is the core of the system, and is a comprehensive management platform for body temperature monitoring deployed in the place where daily monitoring, system management, and emergency command are performed. It is a networked platform with an Internet architecture. It has multiple functions such as personnel flow at various monitoring points and alarm processing, recording, querying, statistics, and output of test data curves.
  46. Six, the technical framework of intelligent body temperature detection system
  47. Intelligent body temperature detection system can realize the functions of personnel entry and exit statistics, personnel identity analysis, abnormal personnel early warning and big data kanban display through data analysis. In view of the severe epidemic situation, human body high temperature warning, warning without wearing a mask, early warning of strange visitors and early warning of attention personnel can be implemented. In principle, taking the software park as an example, the intelligent body temperature detection system architecture includes an acquisition layer, a data layer, a service layer, and an application layer, where the acquisition layer includes front-end equipment for face detection and abnormal analysis such as temperature and mask wearing. As well as personal identification verification equipment or applets used for personnel information registration, it provides a data basis for background personnel identification.
  48. Data layer: including real-time dynamic data uploaded by front-end face detection equipment and personnel identification information uploaded by information collection software.
  49. Service layer: After receiving the front-end data, the data center can recognize the identity of the face by calling the face comparison engine based on the data collected by the pre-personal verification and verification machine.
  50. Application layer: Through the intelligent analysis of video to realize the application of face capture and comparative analysis.
  51. Working Principle of Intelligent Body Temperature Monitoring System
  52. The intelligent body temperature monitoring system is equipped with a wearable Bluetooth thermometer for the controlled population. The personal information and body temperature data of the target group can be uploaded to the cloud server in real time through the mobile phone app. It supports the management of the mobile phone and the PC of the manager. Alarm to achieve automatic real-time monitoring. Greatly reduces the workload of epidemic prevention personnel and improves the response speed to abnormal situations. It is especially suitable for the situation of home office, out-office and scattered office places, realizing the real-time control of personnel’s body temperature. Automatically and continuously detect body temperature and upload to mobile phone body temperature collection APP via Bluetooth low energy. High precision, low power consumption and long working time. Controlled personnel use, connect with smart thermometer through Bluetooth, automatically collect personnel’s body temperature, real-time display, upload to the server. Generate a graph of body temperature changes and issue an alarm for abnormal body temperature. It is used by anti-epidemic personnel to quickly register suspected personnel and associate temperature measurement equipment to view the temperature data and alarm information of controlled personnel. Quick response and flexible command. It supports the centralized display of the temperature and equipment information of the people in the jurisdiction on the computer and mobile phone platforms in the form of charts. When the data is abnormal, an alarm is issued, which greatly simplifies management and improves the response speed of epidemic prevention.


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