IOT hardware devices
June 5, 2020
IOT hardware devices
IOT hardware devices
June 5, 2020

Hardware Development

Best Hardware Development Services

MIV Solutions was initiated as an IT company to provide its users with hardware development services. We have always strived to provide our customers with high-quality development services for software and their implementation. We are aware that each organization works differently and has distinct operations. Hence, we offer customized solutions to a unique platform for trade industries and e-commerce.

With MIV Solution’s help, you can build cost-effective and safe embedded hardware systems that are simple to operate and assure maximum performance. In our design house, you can send your project details, and we will bring your ideas to life. We are a hardware development technology provider of software development and custom hardware solutions. We also provide digital transformation consulting services.

We are a trustworthy and productive organization, and we perform consistently on hardware development. You will receive what we promise to you while keeping your valued ideas safe. We deliver results on time. We have you provide proof of concept validated in a concise time. Your prototype will be attractive and ready for your investors and customers.

Hardware development Manufacturer

We ensure transparency throughout our process of hardware development designing. You will always remain aware of what is happening thanks to consistent communication with our team as if you are working with an in-house team. We approach, and we focus on achieving excellent results predictably and consistently, along with creating value for the end-users.

We have a dedicated hardware development team. We look to supplement our clients’ in-house team with dozens of qualified software and hardware engineers or need an offshore development office for project development that is full time. The main benefit of our dedicated team model is that it provides you total control over your project. You can communicate to change priorities at any time, and also control the development of cost, and quickly scale your project.

Our company’s environment assures maximum focus on distinct units to give our clients industrial expertise, proper assistance, high-quality, productivity, and specialized professionals. The amalgamation of expert experience, efforts, and skills has caused our company to advance at an astonishing pace in the hardware development industry.



Industry Classification: Security Monitoring

Development Platform: Unknown

Delivery form: complete machine, IOT system

Performance parameters: High-performance ARM processor, 96Mbps network video bandwidth access, support 2-way perimeter monitoring, or 1-way face detection.

Application scenario: Remote real-time monitoring of self-service bank on-site data to effectively improve self-service bank monitoring and operation and maintenance level. It needs to cover various types of information and data collection on-site.

Pictures refer to: ATM Auto Self-service IOT Banking platform PCBA solution total solutions

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