IRL Tech Industrial Group Co., LTD signed strategic MOU with Google/Motorola Solutions.

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June 4, 2020
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On June 17th 2017

The mother company of our company MIV Solutions, IRL Tech Industrial Group Co., LTD signed a strategic MOU with Google/Motorola Solutions, which is big progress for our company.

From the Start of 2016, we got one email from one Gaint Engineering Solution company in India and they are software vendor of Motorola Solutions, and they want us to make hardware for them to offer to Motorola Solutions in the USA. That is a 10-inch rugged tablet pc for Army use all over the world.

Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, is a professional leader in this rugged mobile device industry. But how it was made?IRL Electronics (One IRL Group Company) helps them become come true and is Motorola ODM Hardware Partner in China Asia. Here is an example project we have delivered.

It is a rugged IP68 Mobile Military USE 10.1 inch Tablet pc. In the beginning, they give us the ID design of the device. We work with them to better the ID, and later we design the internal mechanics of the device like the PCBA array, the speakers,batteries,LCD array and so on related to the mechanics. After the Mechanic designs confirmed, we worked on the prototypes mock-up, for this project, more than 80 prototypes had been made to check the mechanics and electronics performance capabilities.

When the mechanic design was confirmed, the mould making shall be started. During this project, more than 20 sets of moulds had been made, the metal magnesium alloy mould, the plastic frame mould, silicone rubber mould, battery tray mould and so on .35 Working days had been spent to make the mould until T0 period comes. We modified the mould after the T0 samples come to make the moulds perfect. The PCBAs were also manufactured by us from scratch based on the BOMS,gerbers we got from the solution company L&T Tech Service, one famous software solution provider company from India.

The Assembly and products test before delivery were also done by us. Professional test types of equipment like the drop tests, waterproof performance tests, electronic tests, were well equipped with our assembly factories so that IP68 rugged level can be well ensured. Before the delivery to all over the world, for the reason of customs clearance, license letter has been sent from Motorola Solutions. When the first batch of products has been successfully delivered to the customer, they were very happy and satisfied to get them and give us high praise and thanks letter.

Eager to get your rugged mobile device or anything related with hardware ODM projects? dot hesitate to contact with us IRL Group-MIV, Solutions (EMS ODM OEM Unit) unit) (IDH ODM Unit)