3 Main Key Points to Make a Good Smart Hardware Product.

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June 4, 2020
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June 4, 2020

3 Main Key Points

Recently, Counterpoint, a world-renowned market research organization, released the "2018 White Paper on the Global Smart Hardware Foundry Manufacturing Industry". The latest data shows that in 2018, the field of IoT is splendid, and the shipments of IoT products such as smartwatches and smart speakers are growing rapidly at an annual growth rate of more than 20%.

Counterpoint predicts that the global smart hardware market will develop in a diversified and multi-category direction, and form an ecological combination pattern with "smartphones + IoT terminals" as the score by 2025.

Emerging intelligent hardware becomes a "window", and technology manufacturers add code to layout IoT

Counterpoint data shows that at present, the emerging smart hardware market represented by smartwatches and smart speakers is becoming a source of growth. In the next four years, global smartwatch and speaker shipments will grow from 60 million to 120 million


In addition, as a representative of smart wearables and smart homes, emerging smart hardware such as smart watches and smart speakers are the entrance for consumers to connect to content and services, and connect with other smart hardware links to form an “ecological” scenario for home service interaction. In addition to the hardware value, its subsequent software value and ability to accumulate data are more critical.

Many well-known Internet companies at home and abroad have released their own brands of emerging smart hardware products, plus IoT, and strive to seize the initial market share. Manufacturers' investment and layout in IoT are conducive to consolidating their own hardware, content and service ecosystem, and winning the first place for future development Machine and increase user stickiness to the brand.

Smart hardware has a lot of room for development in the future, especially with the application of 5G technology, smart homes, and many intelligent scenarios that will become a reality. The intelligentization of products is based on automation, which requires a large amount of accumulation in the field of basic science. The transition of esoteric science and technology into concrete products is an inevitable path for the development of the entire intelligent industry.

The key point to do smart hardware 01

Intelligent hardware needs to rely on powerful data collection capabilities, rapid data analysis capabilities, and efficient execution. The entire product design is in a huge ecosystem, which plays a huge role in promoting information exchange, project cooperation, and economic promotion in human society.


Compared with single product design, the R & D cycle of smart hardware requires more events. It should be that intelligentization is not a product with a certain function that can meet consumer demand, but requires multiple products in different scenarios to build together. An intelligent operating ecosystem. In the whole process of building an intelligent ecology, all design ideas are the process of constant adjustment and continuous integration of new thinking.


Intelligent hardware product design is not the same as most manufacturing products. The former is more inclined to the Internet and Internet of Things concepts, and pays more attention to user satisfaction of design. Therefore, while conducting preliminary market research, try to understand as much as possible about service design. Cases related to technical marketing strategy and process optimization design. The biggest difficulty in the design of the entire project is the coordination and cooperation between different replacement parts. With a very large investment, it is necessary to continuously integrate the product concept into the market, understand the latest developments and long-term needs of the entire industry at home and abroad, and comprehensively understand The status quo is the key to the future.